Jo Goodwin-Worton
Caring for Cancer: The Real Journey

Caring for Cancer: The Real Journey
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This is Jo’s uncensored real-life journey as a carer through the cancer pathway and how she coped with the emotions and expectations from his diagnosis to her bereavement and grief. 

The book is written using real thoughts and feelings and based on factual events, it provides a raw insight into the pure emotions experienced on a day-to-day basis throughout the journey and how ultimately Jo used those experiences to forge her way through bereavement and onto an inspirational journey of finding hope, encouragement and a renewed lust for life. 

In her journey, Jo sadly lost the love of her life but she also gained a new outlook on her future by finding a way to create a ‘new normal’ despite her life changing. 

If you are going through a similar situation, this book will show you that you are not alone and that the thoughts and feelings you go through are very real. It helps to show that despite the darkest of days it is possible to remember the ones we love with courage and a determination to turn something so difficult into a life of purpose and hope. 

This book offers a real-life insight into the cancer experience from the carer’s perspective, however you read this book whether you be a carer yourself, a family member, a friend or a medical professional it can offer a profoundly inspiring and unique insight.

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About the Author
Joanne Goodwin-Worton

Published Author, Carer Advocate, 
Loss & Bereavement Counsellor

I am a passionate and dedicated advocate and supporter for carers.

My journey started when I became a carer for my late husband when he had Stage 4 Gastro-Oesophageal (GOJ) Cancer in 2018. What followed was an extraordinary journey including several leaps of faith and a drive to follow my dream of helping people just like myself who suddenly find themselves caring for someone.

My journey was unique to me so I could never say that I understand your own personal journey, however I can relate to it and share with you the emotions that you have been through and are currently going through.

I am a published author of the book ‘Caring for Cancer: The Real Journey’ which offers an insight in the real-life emotions as a carer, from diagnosis to how I coped with grief and bereavement and my life now. 

I believe it is a privilege to care for others who need our help, however as a caregiver it is important to recognise that sometimes we too need support in order to protect our own physical and mental health needs.


Our Service
Phoenix Emotional Support & Wellbeing

Everyone is unique so every detail is tailored to your specific support needs

Phoenix Emotional Support & Wellbeing is a service created by a carer for carers.  It is for anyone who has been or becomes a carer of someone with cancer or any other health conditions. As a carer you may have certain worries, feel under pressure about the responsiblities and maybe feel anxious about different aspects of your journey.

Born from personal experience, Phoenix Emotional Support & Wellbeing offers carers the opportunity to talk about their experiences with someone who can really relate to the real struggles faced on a daily basis.  Everyone’s story is unique and personal but for those that have been through or are going through a similar experience Jo can truly relate to those thoughts and feelings and offer meaningful support.

In 2018, Jo’s late-husband was diagnosed with Cancer, from that moment forward and until he passed away in 2019 she became his carer which encompassed physical care as well as emotional support. At times it was incredibly rewarding, with Jo having the faith that caring for him was always a privilege, however she acknowledged and was honest in saying that at times it was also tremendously demanding both physically and psychologically. Jo soon realised that to enable her to offer that support, she also needed to look after her own health and wellbeing too. 

Being a carer is certainly improved when you have support, it could be a simple chat about your worries or concerns or maybe a group chat with other carers as a collective source of support. 

Throughout your journey whether it be the present, the past or the future, at Phoenix Emotional Support & Wellbeing I am here to listen.


Whilst knowledge and lived experience offers Jo an incredible insight into the ‘real’ journey of caring for someone, she has completed and continues to study qualifications to underpin her practice. 


  • Senior member of the ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists)
  • Current Study (2022) (3rd year) - BSc Hons Psychology with Counselling Degree-(Working towards BACP Accreditation)
  • BSc (Open) Degree (Specialised in Health & Social Care)
  • Level 5 – Advanced Diploma in Bereavement Counselling & Thanatology
  • Level 5 - Advanced Diploma in Child Psychology 
  • Level 4 - Counselling and CBT 
  • Level 3 - Diploma in Bereavement & Grief Counselling          
  • Level 4 - Advanced Diploma in Health Coaching
  • Level 3 - Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • Levels 2 & 3 - Diploma in End-of-Life Care
  • CPD Accredited Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner Certificate        
  • Online Depression Counselling Training
  • End of Life Care Certificate
  • Palliative and End of Life Care Certificate

Contact Details

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Twitter - Jo Goodwin-Worton

For information or an informal chat:

Mobile: 07902 025477


Please note that this service is not a clinical or psychotherapy based service.  The service offers person-centered support to carers who wish to talk about their experiences in a confidential and supportive environment.

For clinical support or specific psychological support please consult with your medical practitioner or local mental health services for further advice.